Any individual abiding by NepSoSS constitution and bylaws can be a member. NepSoSS welcomes all to join as a member, be a part of the Nepali community and get involved in Nepali heritage activities. General Membership can be upgraded to life membership at the fee of $100 for an individual and $150 for a family. The payment for life membership can be made on the installment basis in no more than 5 payments within a year. If you wish to upgrade to Life Membership please click here and submit life membership form. 
Fill out your information to renew your Membership. Each individuals except dependent child under 18 years of old must submit this form. 
Privacy Statement:
At NepSoSS, we are committed to ensuring that personal information are protected and kept in strict confidence.
Payment Information
  • Membership upgrade options are available.
  • The general membership fee is $10 per person (18 years or above) per year.
  • Membership fee for full-time student and first year membership fee for new NepSoSS member is free.
  • The dependent child (less than 18 years old) of an active member shall automatically be member of NepSoSS.