Nepali Society of Southern Saskatchewan is a non-profit organization registered in Regina, Saskatchewan that conducts and supports community activities among Nepalese living in Southern Saskatchewan. NepSoSS was established in February 2011 with the aim of preserving and promoting Nepali cultural and heritage values in Canada. Although this organization was established in 2011, Nepalese living here had been working for the community since a long time on an ad-hoc basis, and continuously volunteer their time and effort to build a strong community in the Southern Saskatchewan. We provide moral and volunteer support (non-financial) to newcomer Nepalese to Regina to help in their settlement needs. NepSoSS is open for membership to all individuals who would like to be part of our community and abide by our constitution and bylaws. 


The mission of NepSoSS is to foster social, cultural and educational activities among its members and their dependents, promote Nepali culture and heritage in Saskatchewan and Canada. The major activities of NepSoSS are limited to the following:

  • Activities for personal and community development.
  • Celebrate major Nepali festivals and Nepali New Year.
  • Maintain a Nepali Language School for its children and members at large.
  • Organize Nepali cultural programs to promote Nepal and Nepali heritage values in Saskatchewan.
  • We respect other community cultures and values. Share our values to local communities and learn from other cultures.
  • Be part of Canadian multi-culturalism.
  • Provide humanitarian services to the community at large as possible.
  • Increase our cultural and heritage foot print to the local community.